Experience the luxurious cruise in your trip to Cat Ba Island and explore the stunning Lan Ha Bay – the “paradise of the sea” in Hai Phong. This 2-day journey will take you to admire majestic landscapes with crystal-clear waters and picturesque islands. It will be a memorable summer trip!

I. Introduction to Lan Ha Bay and the cruise for exploring the bay

Known as the “lower world paradise,” Lan Ha Bay has captivated many domestic and international tourists at first sight.

A. Lan Ha Bay – one of the most beautiful bays in the world

Lan Ha Bay is located within Halong Bay, near Cat Ba Archipelago. With many islands, this bay attracts visitors with its breathtaking natural scenery. Its unique limestone formations and pristine azure waters are very mesmerizing. It is often referred to as the “lower world paradise” that enchants everyone. The islands in the bay are covered with lush green mountains, creating a magnificent and splendid natural space. When you visit Lan Ha Bay, you will witness the beauty of nature. The scenery seems only possible in dreams. You can also take part in many exciting experiential activities!

B. Explore Lan Ha Bay on a luxury cruise – a unique experience

On the luxurious cruise, you will behold the pristine beauty of the bay. The journey will take you to discover enchanting islands, mystical caves, and visit fishing villages. You will also engage in unique activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, night squid fishing, and more. Not only can you enjoy the natural wonders, but you can also immerse in the traditional culture. You can try out the distinctive cuisine of the coastal region. Start planning now for an unforgettable trip to Cat Ba Island!

II. Itinerary for exploring Lan Ha Bay on a cruise

Refer to the following itinerary to plan a trip that suits you best!

A. Day 1

After gathering at Cat Ba Port in the morning, the cruise will depart from the port and venture into the heart of the bay. You will receive a brief overview of your journey and be welcomed by the tour guides.

Upon checking into your cabin, you will indulge in a luxurious lunch at the upscale restaurants onboard the cruise. The cuisine combines both Western and traditional dishes. There are also local specialties prepared by professional chefs.

In the afternoon, you will visit famous caves such as the Astonishing Cave or the Bright Cave – Dark Cave… Here, you can participate in kayaking activities to explore the caves amidst the sea. While on the kayak, you will have joyful moments with your loved ones. You can glide through rocky caves and admire its ceiling. The sparkling limestone formations are a sight you can not miss!

After exploring the caves, the cruise will take you to stunning beaches. You will have the opportunity to visit pristine beaches with breathtaking natural beauty such as Ba Trai Dao Beach, Van Boi Beach, Cat Co Beach… These are must-visit destinations when taking a trip to Cat Ba. You will immerse yourself in the cool flow of the ocean, replenishing your “vitamin Sea” and gaining more energy for the upcoming adventurous days!

At the end of the day’s activities, you will return to the cruise and enjoy a cozy dinner at the restaurant. Afterwards, you will have free time to participate in entertainment activities or utilize the amenities available on the cruise. You can visit the bar counter and indulge in a romantic evening or try your hand at night squid fishing, a unique and exciting experience!

B. Day 2

On the second day, you will greet the morning with healthy activities such as Vovinam or Tai Chi. These two traditional martial arts sessions are available on the rooftop. The chef will serve nutritious light meals before you embark on the day’s activities.

The destination for the day could be the floating village of Cai Beo or the fishing village of Viet Hai. In Viet Hai fishing village, you can rent a tandem bicycle and ride along peaceful village roads. You can feel the cool wind and refreshing atmosphere here. You will also learn about the cultural life of the hardworking fishermen here and admire their traditional houses. As for Cai Beo floating village, you will marvel at the unique houses floating on the sea and witness the daily life of the locals. You will also have the opportunity to savor famous local specialties in the village. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs for your loved ones here!

After completing the visit to the ancient village, you will be welcomed back onto the cruise ship and begin organizing your belongings and preparing for checkout. You can enjoy a light brunch as the cruise ship returns to Cat Ba port and take some time to rest and relax. When the itinerary comes to an end, you will have beautiful memories of your trip to Cat Ba Island!

III. Tips and Recommendations for Exploring Lan Ha Bay on a Cruise

Take note of the following suggestions to have a successful trip to Lan Ha Bay!

A. Choose the right cruise ship and accompanying services

Choosing a suitable cruise ship before embarking on your journey is crucial. With an increasing number of 5-star cruise ships offering elegant spaces and luxurious exteriors, you’ll have countless options! Cát Bà Panorama offers various international cruise tours that will undoubtedly provide valuable support. You’ll have the opportunity to directly explore and consult on the cruise ship’s facilities and accompanying amenities with a dedicated and enthusiastic staff. Contact us now to select a cruise ship that suits you best!

B. Note on environmental protection and sustainable tourism principles

When visiting Lan Ha Bay, it is important to adhere to certain rules regarding environmental protection and sustainable tourism principles. You should keep the environment clean and avoid polluting the marine ecosystem. Detailed guidance on conservation activities and contributing to the preservation of the environment will be provided during the tour by the Cát Bà Panorama team!
It is evident that Lan Ha Bay will undoubtedly be an ideal destination for this summer. Enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved ones and friends aboard the luxurious cruise ship, while marveling at unique natural landscapes. Join the trip to Cat Ba on this cruise ship to create many beautiful and unforgettable memories!