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Experience excellence on the go as Cat Ba Panorama Travel’s service connects Cat Ba Island to Cat Bi Airport with top-tier bus service. Our transportation promises to provide for all your needs! 


Join Cat Ba Panorama Travel on the transportation from Cat Ba Island to Cat Bi Airport for a wonderful vacation experience. The bustling island life seamlessly connects with convenient travel options, making the bus the most efficient mode of transportation. Navigating from the picturesque Cat Ba Island to the bustling Cat Bi Airport becomes a smooth and time-saving experience aboard our buses.

Our buses provide a comfortable ride allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey. With a commitment to punctuality, our service ensures you reach your destination on time. Our dedication to cleanliness and comfort ensures a delightful ride from Cat Ba Island to Cat Bi Airport. Experience the ease of transportation as we connect these two destinations seamlessly! 

Transportation from Cat Ba Island to Cat Bi Airport

We provide you an easy and affordable solution to transit 

  • Departure times from Cat Ba Island: 6h00 – 15h50 
  • Estimated travel time: 2 – 2.5 hours 
  • Pick-up point: Your hotels in Cat Ba Island
  • Drop-off point: Cat Bi Airport 

– Cost savings: Among the various commonly used means of transportation nowadays, the Cat Ba Island – Cat Bi Airport bus remains a favorite for most customers due to its flexible route and affordable cost. You will save a lot by traveling by bus instead of choosing personal vehicles or cabs. Moreover, Cat Ba Panorama Travel’s buses always have special discount programs exclusively for our customers. 

Quality service: Cat Ba Panorama Travel always prioritizes customer satisfaction. Therefore, we consistently improve the quality of our vehicles, using new models equipped with full wifi and air conditioning. There is always a dedicated tour guide on the bus to take care of and assist customers throughout the journey.

Flexibility and speed: Besides high quality, the bus service is also very flexible in handling ticket reservations or requests for changes in departure dates, pick-up points, or other issues.

Transportation from Cat Ba Island to Cat Bi Airport

With Cat Ba Panorama Travel’s bus service, enjoy the benefit of spacious and clean interiors –

Transportation from Cat Ba Island to Cat Bi Airport

The Cat Ba Panorama Travel team is always ready to assist customers 24/7 with the utmost dedication and professionalism possible.


  • Easy booking system and flexible adjustments for your service
  • Modern and sleek buses with friendly driver
  • Sharp punctuality to your time frame
  • Smooth and fast trip route
  • Various time frames for your convenience

6h00, 7h30, 8h50, 12h00, 14h00, and 15h50: Departure time at your hotels  Begin your journey from Cat Ba Island to Cat Bi Airport with our well-structured itinerary. Our hotel pick-up service commences at six different time frames: 6:00, 7:30, 8:50, 12:00, 14:00, and 15:50. This allows flexibility based on your flight's departure. You can choose the most suitable time, ensuring a smooth transition. You should spare some time to arrive early at the airport as check-in is crucial.  Transportation from Cat Ba Island to Cat Bi Airport Enjoy the perk of scenic travel routes and have a wonderful vacation in Cat Ba If possible, you should avoid mealtime trips if possible and prepare something to eat before your flight. The driver will contact you beforehand and await you at your hotel, initiating a prompt departure. The 2 to 2.5-hour journey includes a ferry transition already, with no additional payment as ferry tickets are included. Relax and enjoy the scenic ride, knowing we’d prepare your trip meticulously with our transportation from Cat Ba Island to Cat Bi Airport service! 

  • Travel in modern and sleek transportation
  • Accompanied by knowledgeable drivers
  • Purified water on bus
  • High-speed ferry tickets included
  • Hotel pick-up in Cat Ba Island
  • Personal incidental expenses not covered

2 - 2.5 hours


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How to book Cat Ba Island - Cat Bi Airport transportation service?

You can easily book our transportation service online on our website. After receiving your information, we will contact you to confirm the details. You can also send a booking request to our dedicated email: For last-minute bookings close to the departure time, please call in advance at the following phone number: 0988 558 392.

Notes when choosing the Cat Ba Island - Cat Bi Airport transportation service
  • Please provide the drop-off information to the driver before the scheduled pick-up time
  • Kindly notify us in advance of any changes to the pick-up point or departure time
  • Upon boarding or disembarking, please check your personal belongings
  • For any inquiries during the journey, feel free to communicate with the driver
Policies on rescheduling hours/days of departure
  • Free assistance for rescheduling hours or days of departure up to 24 hours before the departure time, provided there are available tickets and no harm is caused to the service provider. In case of additional costs due to fare differences for rescheduled trips, customers will be required to pay the additional amount.
  • Rescheduling close to the departure time or failure of the customer to be present at the pick-up point on time will not be eligible for a refund.
  • In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, storms, or natural disasters directly affecting the vehicle or tour itinerary, the schedule will be postponed until favorable weather conditions. If the customer's schedule does not permit and they wish to cancel the ticket, a 100% refund of the booked ticket value will be provided.
from 300.000VNĐ


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