Do you know how to travel to Cat Ba Island, which is both reasonably priced and gorgeous and satisfies the need for photography? If not, don’t skip this article! The following article will discuss Cat Ba’s travel experiences to help you cut costs while still having a special time and stunning images! 

I. Traveling to Cat Ba is quite affordable!

Cat Ba – Pearl Island of Hai Phong is renowned for its pure natural beauty, crystal-clear beaches, and majestic limestone mountains. Many travel enthusiasts choose Cat Ba as a stopover this summer because of its stunning charm and incredibly low cost.

1. Accommodation and travel services in Cat Ba are affordable 

When traveling to a new location, most travelers are concerned with finding a place to stay. If money is still an obstacle, you may relax knowing that Cat Ba Island’s homestay, hotels, and other travel services are reasonably priced. You may easily choose a place to stay that fits your budget because Cat Ba Island currently possesses a system of several hotels and homestays that adapt to the demands of travelers.

2. Travelling to Cat Ba by bus or motorbike to save money 

You might choose to get to Cat Ba Island by bus or motorcycle to reduce the expense of transportation there. Bus travel to Cat Ba is incredibly affordable, costing just between 280 and 370 thousand VND with a variety of services like pick-up and drop-off, free mineral water, and air conditioning,… Alternatively, you can decide to ride a motorcycle to Cat Ba to both save money and enjoy the way. 

3. A menu of inexpensive local food 

Cat Ba is renowned for its extensive selection of regional food at very reasonable costs and within the means of the majority of visitors. You will have the opportunity to enjoy many cuisines such as grouper fish, mantis shrimp, and lobster,… which are prepared according to local flavors. 

II. Exploring Cat Ba’s natural beauty

When traveling to Cat Ba, it is impossible to ignore activities to discover the natural beauty of the island. Cat Ba Island, known as the “jewel in the middle of Hai Phong,” has a magnificent natural setting and several well-known tourist attractions, including:

1. Cat Ba National Park

With an area of up to 17,360 hectares, this is the largest special-use forest in Vietnam and has a variety of ecosystems and numerous endangered animal species. Coming to Cat Ba National Park, you will have the opportunity to touch the enormous trees thousands of years old. If you’re lucky, you can also see yellow-headed langurs only found on Cat Ba Island. The entrance ticket price is only from 50 – 80 thousand VND/person, which seems incredibly cheap for the opportunity to see Hai Phong’s most alluring green tourist site.

2. Gorgeous undeveloped beaches

The gorgeous beaches on Cat Ba Island, which have clear blue water, white sand, and golden sunlight, are another reason why people come there. Don’t forget to visit well-known beaches such as Cat Co, Trai Dao, and Van Boi,… when traveling to Cat Ba Island. You may still enjoy Cat Ba Island’s natural beauty for a reasonable price, as well as fun water sports like diving to observe corals, surfing, and parachuting,…

3. Underwater caves – Natural wonders hidden on the island

Also, don’t forget to investigate the unique and mysterious underwater caves. You can try kayaking through caves and examine the naturally carved limestone pillars. The Dark and Bright Cave is one of the most popular underwater caverns. This 70-meter-long cave in Lan Ha Bay is filled with dazzling stalactites that give it a mystical appeal. Dark and Bright Cave is a good example of a cleft cave: the bottom is below sea level and the ceiling is above sea level. The special structure of Bright Dark Cave allows visitors to tour the interior on a boat or kayak. 

III. Experience fun activities with a reasonable budget

1. Affordable kayaking and scuba diving

Traveling to Cat Ba, you can experience many interesting water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and surfing,… One of the most popular tourist activities is kayaking across the clear waters with friends and family, admiring the majestic majesty of the limestone mountains, or scuba diving to view the vibrant coral reefs. These activities are very popular at Cat Ba beaches and there are many options available at affordable prices, helping you both appreciate the wonders of nature and take beautiful images. 

2. Trekking through mountains and caves

You can also choose to trek through majestic mountains and visit caves deep in the mountains. You will have a chance to find out about fascinating caves such as Trung Trang Cave, and Quan Y Cave while trekking through Cat Ba National Park’s vast woodlands. You can visit Trung Trang cave, a 300m long cave through limestone mountains, surrounded by rich and diverse vegetation. Or you may go to Quan Y cave, Hai Phong’s most unusual 100-year-old structure.   

3. Free local cultural activities

Local cultural activities cannot be ignored when traveling to Cat Ba. You can visit Viet Hai fishing village located deep in the mountains, experience fish massage, or cycle around the village. You can learn about the local people’s cultural way of life and get a taste of the peaceful rural existence here. You will have a wonderful time at Viet Hai village because everyone there is hospitable and friendly. The majority of cultural experiences are free, making it a fantastic option for budget-conscious people. 

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Your trip to Cat Ba will be affordable and full of memorable experiences thanks to the information above. Don’t forget to save the article and details on the Cat Ba Panorama tour if you want to enjoy a fun and exciting trip to Cat Ba while still saving money!