To have an unforgettable experience, you will need to fully prepare the necessary items as well as schedule before each journey. Do you know what to pack for traveling to Cat Ba then?  If not, don’t skip this article. Here is a guide to help you get ready for your vacation so that you can have an extremely enjoyable trip and have the most memorable experiences on the beautiful Pearl Island of Hai Phong!

I. Prepare necessary papers and items

1.  Passport or ID card

When traveling to Cat Ba Island, remember to bring identification documents such as a passport (for foreign tourists) and an ID card (for domestic tourists). You will need identification when checking in at the airport, hotel, or renting transportation at the tourist destination. In addition, you will also need identification if there are legal problems. To reduce the risk of bad situations or theft, you should store these types of identification carefully. 

2. Cruise ticket or ferry ticket to Cat Ba

You must go by ferry or boat to get reach Cat Ba Island. As a result, preparing your cruise or ferry ticket to the island in advance will allow you to travel more conveniently and save time. You can book ferry tickets in advance through websites, travel agencies or buy tickets when you arrive at the ferry terminal. Keep in mind that ferry tickets are typically relatively small and they are easy to lose, so keep them carefully! 

3. Cash and credit cards

On any trip, you will also need to spend on eating, resting, sightseeing, and transportation activities. Therefore, when traveling to Cat Ba, don’t forget to prepare cash and credit cards. Additionally, you do not need to worry if you do not have cash on hand because Cat Ba Island has numerous ATMs where you can withdraw cash. One thing to keep in mind is that certain local businesses might not accept credit or debit cards, so be prepared with cash! 

II. Appropriate dress and accessories

Before traveling to Cat Ba Island, make sure you have the necessary documents, cash, and tickets, as well as appropriate clothing and accessories. Besides the shimmering virtual living dresses, you should also get ready for:

1. Swimwear and sun protection hat/gloves

Cat Ba Island is a place renowned for its crystal-clear beaches, so it is impossible to ignore swimming activities and water games. Thus, prepare yourself with a suitable swimsuit to show off your best here! In addition, you also need to prepare extra hats and gloves to protect your skin from sunburn after days of traveling to Cat Ba Island.

Relax on the beach

2. Raincoat and flip-flops for changeable weather

You should also have a raincoat and flip-flops on hand just in case the weather changes unexpectedly. You certainly don’t want your shoes to get wet because of the rain, right? Preparing a raincoat and flip-flops will make traveling on the island more convenient and help ensure your health. In addition, you should check the weather in advance to prepare better and have a more wonderful trip! 

3. Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, headache medicine, and other personal items

When traveling to Cat Ba, don’t forget to pack extra mosquito repellant, headache drugs, sunscreen, and other personal items. Sunscreen will help prevent the damaging effects of UV rays and protect your skin from the harsh sun. Basic drugs such as mosquito repellent, headache medicine, and stomach pain medicine,… will help “rescue” you from unexpected situations. And of course, if you’re on any medications, don’t forget to bring them – even the ones you take occasionally.

III. Knowledge and information about Cat Ba Island

Besides your items and clothing, you ought to prepare yourself with the required knowledge and information to have the greatest and most rewarding experience when traveling to Cat Ba island. 

1. Learn about the land, culture, and landscapes of Cat Ba

Before visiting, you can discover more about Cat Ba Island’s geography, native culture, and well-known picturesque sites. You’ll be able to choose your destinations more readily and gain a deeper understanding of the local culture as a result. You can search for more information about tourist attractions, and the local culture of Cat Ba Island easily on Google or travel groups on social networks. 

2. Make a schedule and the destination you want to explore

After deciding which locations you wish to see, you should create an exact schedule. You can save time and effort by choosing the best route by pre-planning specific destinations to visit. Making a detailed schedule also makes it easier to calculate the expense of the vacation and takes less time to decide where to visit. If you do not know how to schedule accordingly, you can reserve tours through reliable travel agencies or consult online travel forums. 

3. Specific guidelines and requirements for Cat Ba travel

Additionally, before traveling to Cat Ba Island, you ought to acquaint yourself with any unique guidelines and rules, such as the code of conduct, environmental protection policies, and policies to ensure personal safety. Discovering this information in advance will make your journey safer and demonstrate polite tourism culture.

The things listed above will help you get ready for a memorable vacation to Cat Ba, with the planning and preparation of train tickets ranking first among them. If you don’t “know” anything about scheduling, there may be a better choice. It is booking a pre-designed tour of Cat Ba Panorama. This is one of the leading travel service brands in Cat Ba and is chosen by a large number of customers. The brand offers a variety of Cat Ba Island tour schedules with a variety of activities to explore and visit to help visitors fully admire the wonderful beauty of the island. You won’t need to plan too much because the tour includes ferry tickets, transfer bus service, hotel accommodations, and many other appealing services. Just bring your personal belongings and have fun on the stunning Cat Ba Island! 

Adequate preparation and planning will make your trip more perfect, save time, and costs as well as limit unnecessary risks. And if you want to travel to Cat Ba Island without having to worry about schedules, accommodation, or travel tickets, please refer to Cat Ba Panorama!